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High school Telugu Movie Online (2010)

Watch High school (2010) Telugu Movie Online

High school Telugu Movie Online Watch (2010)

High school Telugu Movie Cast and Crew:

Movie : High school (A)
Genre: Drama
Release Date: 05 Mar 2010
Cast : Kiran Rathod, Karthik and more
Direction : Narasimha Nandi
Production : Mallana
Music By : Saketh Sairam

High school Telugu Movie Review:

High school Telugu Movie Story :
High School is a dear narrative that runs between a 30-year-old lady and a 15-year-old boy in a high teach. In this picture doesn't have any obscenity or crudity. It is an out and out commercial video and is being made with an inspiration from an Italian show called Malina.
Kiran Rathod and Karthik are singing the guide roles in a shoot being directed by Narasimha Nandi and produced by Mallanna under the banner of Aiswarya Films and posh High School

High school Telugu Movie Theme :
People in a smallTemple village in the outskirts of chennai uncover that what want they write in a piece of paper and tie it on a longing ranking gets fullfilled.. Tons of money gets delivered at their backyards and then quickly the fleet of pilgrims to the temple village grows.. So is the file of desires ..
Meantime cbi executive Kanthasamy played by vikram is busy prowling big shots in the township and much to everyones dumbfound seizes oodles of money from each raids.. Kanthasamy and his childhood friends numbering eleven run a stealthy hideout where all the requests are serene and the all the money detained and unaccounted with the Government is packed and distrubuted based on requests of each desire..Longing i could have asked for a crore as well.. Kanthasamy and gang settle to utilise the holy belief that the people of the village who think thats the Lord kanthasamy who has been fulfilling there requests ... Fittingly to kill and execute there procedure..Later we come to know the full side at cbi personnel including the principal is tangled .. Cachet susiganesan... However meantime the local DIG played by Prabhu has other dreams and is in the watch for the persona who has been fullfilling all these peoples requests much against the peoples beliefs.. Thats not all
Kanthasamy wins the enemity of shriya saran who seeks revenge not shrewd that her dad is acting paralytic behind her goes all out behind vikram trying to put him in some kind of unrest.. To sack him...

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