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Nuvve Kavali Movie Online Watch (2000)

Watch Nuvve Kavali Movie Online

Nuvve Kavali Movie Online Watch (2000)

Nuvve Kavali Movie Cast and Crew:

Genre: Romance
Cast: Tarun, Richa Sharma, Sai Kiran & Varsha
Music: Koti
Camera: Hari Anumolu
Dialogues : Trivikram
Story, Screenplay & Direction: Vijaya Bhaskar
Executive Producer: Sravanti Ravi Kishore
Producer: Ramoji ao
Theatrical Release Date: 13th October 2000

Nuvve Kavali Synopsis:

Nuvve Kavali is a romantic story in which, Tarun (Tarun) and Madhu (Richa Sharma) are neighbors and are the best friends. Both of them study in the same college in the same class.

Tarun and Madhu both are inseparable and share everything together. In spite of them being in the prime time of their teenage, they never had love feelings towards each other.

During that period, another classmate Prakash (Sai Kiran) falls in love with Madhu and proposes her. Madhu asks Tarun about his opinion. Then Tarun asks her to tell whatever is there in her mind, for which she feels that she was confused at that time and wanted to take the decision after a few days.

Meantime, Madhu and Prakash get selected for participating a cultural festival that is going to happen in Bangalore. Incidentally, those seven days are the only days these inseparable friends stayed away from each other. And they miss each other very much. During that period, Tarun realizes that he loves Madhu. rest of the story is about how all ends well.

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